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    Each project created by Bruce Anderson Carpentry is as unique as the pieces of wood we use. Our work blends traditional and rustic, while utilizing modern styles and techniques.

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    About Bruce

    Born in Whitemouth, Manitoba in 1975, I apprenticed for Christie/Hamilton Construction (owners & builders of Falcon Trails Resort.) Prior to that, I completed coursework at Red River Coommunity College in Winnipeg.

    The best part of my job is the opportunity for creativity! I really enjoy the challenge of making decisions that look great, but are also efficient in terms of time and material costs. I feel lucky when people ask me to create something that has personal meaning or long-term value to them.

    As much as possible, Bruce Anderson Carpentry will take on one project at a time, and has between 3 and 4 employees available.

    We've invested in excavation equipment so that we can build the foundations on our projects, and to also have around for completing rough or finished landscaping. We also have a portable saw mill, which is great for custom timbers, or resawing. It's also perfect for when that 200 year old pine comes down and is made into a special feature for your project.

  • What We Do

    Favourite Projects
    ANYTHING TIMBER! From houses and cottages, to screened porches. Retail showrooms to timber signs. Landscaping involving retaining walls or steps.

    Best Project for the Most Value
    SCREENED PORCHES! You can spend 5% of your properties value on a screened porch, and spend 95% of your 'off lake' time in it! Definitely one of those projects where feedback is very positive, as to how much people enjoy having and using the addition.

  • Project Gallery

    Here are some photos of a few of our favourite projects. We've tried to show a range of everything from commercial to residential, furniture, signs - and everything in between. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments. Enjoy!

  • Testimonials


    Bruce - Bev and I appreciate the work that you did for us. Your attention to detail and your determination to do every job as well as you can has left your mark on our house. That obviously is a good thing. If you find yourself with any time not filled, we would love to have you do some work on our deck. Thank-you!


    I first hired Bruce to do a sign job for my business. The quality and creativity of the work was at such a high level, that I had no hesitation in hiring him to build my house. Throughout the project, many instances arose where Bruce made suggestions that not only improved the aesthetics, but also decreased the cost. He made it possible for us to have our dream home! We are just about to start our third project together - a new set of timber signs through my company. Bruce will always be my first call when I need high quality and creative work done - and hopefully he'll continue to say yes!

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    Bruce Anderson Carpentry
    Timber Construction
    Telephone: (807) 466-3867
    E-mail: bruce@bacarpentry.ca
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